Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Art of a Modern Interpretation

I love the old classic moviestar look from the 40/50's and have been yearning to do a series, as I'm not a hairdresser and would struggle doing up the models with the right look I thought I would give my new series the moviestar-esque look by using photoshop instead of hair/make up. Very happy with how this new series is coming along. I describe it as the classic moviestar look with a modern twist. There will definitely be more to come as I refine and play around with my new "look".


  1. Great series J. I love the look of photograph/painting that you're achieving. A great way to overcome your lack of make up and hair dressing skills.

  2. Absolutely love this "classic moviestar" look! Used to love those photos. Always wish I saved my movie star magazines from the 50's! And good luck with your cooking adventure! ...april

  3. Thanks Ladies - I'm having alot of fun with this series so hopefully you see more soon :)