Thursday, April 9, 2009

The (He)art of a Queen

Had a photoshoot today with Jaih. I was a little nervous because I had decided to do the make-up myself and wasn't sure if I could pull it off. The day went so smoothly - hair, make-up and shoot was 2hrs in total and I got the shot that I wanted straight off! Jaih was great to work with we had alot of fun. Next shoot in my storybook theme is the Mad Hatter next Wednesday with another model fingers crossed it goes as well as todays one - then I will be a happy little photographer!!

Meeting up with a couple tomorrow who I'm photographing their wedding on Saturday - sunset shots on the Glenelg foreshore a little nervous but excited at the sametime. I have photographed alot of weddings but I still get nervous before hand - I think its because you have to get it that day, no room for error or reshoots!

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  1. Great work J. Can't wait to see more.These will look great in the exhibition :)