Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Art of Christmas

The Christmas tree is up, St Nikolaus has been and filled Zoe's shoes with lollies (he comes on the 5th of December - children leave their best shoes out and if they have been good they get filled with lollies and if they have been bad they get a blackstick), the Christmas shopping is nearly done. Zoe and I are in the process of planning her act for Christmas Eve. Because my family is German we celebrate on Christmas Eve and get our pressies that evening and have a few traditions that have stemmed from this. One of those being 'The Act'. All school age children after our evening meal must do some sort of act - sing, recite a poem, do a play etc after the act the pressies are given out by the youngest child. The youngest child now is my nephew Evan but as he is still quite young I'm sure Zoe will be happy to help out. We go to my mum's house for Christmas Eve and this year because of the water restrictions mum's real life potted xmas tree isn't doing so well so she asked if I could bring my tree - already decorated!! The plan is to wrap it in a sheet and put it in the back of the station wagon!! Hahaha what fun this shall be. Fingers crossed.

Elves get Bossed around by Santa by Zoe Thomas (age 7)

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  1. Hey Zoe,
    I'm sure the elves don't mind being bossed by Santa because he's such a kind and jolly man hehehe.
    The tree will be fine. Its such "typical" thing to do don't you think?