Monday, December 29, 2008

The Art of Smoking

There is just something about the image of smoking that I find cool. I know how horribly, politically incorrect me. Maybe its because I'm a long time fan of James Dean - I love the iconic brooding, loner image and smoking just fits in with this. In reality it stinks and I hate it when people smoke around Zoe or close to shop entrances that I have to walk through but in my head the stereotypical smoker image is still cool - so shot me! I remember late one night when I was driving in my car and it was raining lightly and I was stopped at the traffic lights this man crossed the intersection hunched over with his jacket collar up around his ears, he drew on his cigerette and the smoke wafted up around him and all I could think was he looks so damn cool. He is proberly dead now from lung cancer or has a really bad smokers cough but for one moment he lived upto my stereotypical idealogies.


  1. I used to think it looked cool and manly but watching someone die of lung cancer put a stop to my girlish fancies. Good artwork but I've now been conditioned to despise smoking.

  2. Still, you captured a great portrait, nevertheless. I always carry my camera around with me, looking for those candid moments like you did here. Perhaps this guy will live to a ripe out age, can't let our musings stop us from our creative impulses!!!
    I am a photographer as well, have done a few portraits of children. Your photo here inspires me to push myself to new levels!
    Please stop by and see my blog sometime.